El Zaguan is a Beautiful Historic Garden on Canyon Road

On our historic Canyon Rd., along with its many galleries, is a historic foundation site called El Zaguan with a lovely old house and victorian style garden.  It is a lovely place for a small intimate wedding. The whole atmosphere says “sweetness”.

A casual summer garden wedding in a historic site that has been appreciated for many Santa Fe years.

Would You Like Your Wedding On Lifetime TV and Have Part of It Paid For?

 Would it be fun to have a “double wedding” with your friend or relative?      

I have been approached by a show on Lifetime TV who would like to film a wedding this Summer or Fall, here in Santa Fe, for their Wedding TV show. What they are looking for is a “Double Wedding” – two couples who want to get married in the same ceremony.  They are offering to cover some or most of the expenses of the wedding.  The couples can be of any ethnicity, spiritual belief, sexual preference or identification.  They want to honor our human diversity!   If this is something that might interest you, contact me. I would be your officiant. Might be fun for the right couples.

In the past, I have officiated in this manner.  The ceremony was for both couples, although  with the exchange of vows and rings, I honored each couple, by this part being separate, with each couple choosing their own vows to repeat or say to each other.