A Taste of the Wedding Ceremony


Marriage and the union it symbolizes can be one of the most wonderful of human experiences, for Love in its infinite manifestations is truly what life is all about.


The essence of this commitment we honor as marriage, is the conscious choosing to live your life fully with another, in one’s entirety, as lover, companion and friend.


Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; It can outlast anything. Love is in fact the one thing that still stands when has fallen.


Marriage is the intimate sharing of two lives; yet this sharing must not diminish but enhance the individuality of each partner.


"May your home stand as a symbol of humans living together in love and truth, seeking harmony amidst any adversity."

Irene Swain



I will love you for yourself, in the hope you will become all you want to be.


I know our understanding of love and each other has deepened and will continue to grow through our years together.


May all that you have already become, which has brought you to this day, and all you will become as a loving effect of it, in the lifelong joining of your hearts and your minds, continue to show you your purpose.


We can experience no greater truth from Love than the truth to love more openly, more honestly and more deeply.


May your sense of humor and playful spirits always enliven your relationship!


"For in truth, Love is all there is;Love is all there ever has been;and Love is all there ever will be."


Please visit my wedding blog for tips on creating a meaningful wedding ceremony.



A Personal Closing Note on Your Wedding Ceremony



In the more than 25 years of officiating weddings, it has always been my wish and interest: “That your wedding be perfect, just for you!”


Have a beautiful, fun, wedding wherever you choose to have it!


And for those of you who can get a little over-anxious when planning your wedding: In the ever increasing number of weddings that I am blessed to witness, I have never seen one that did not work perfectly, wonderfully, and bring tears of joy and specialness, seen and unseen.


May your understanding and manifesting of love continue to blossom for all your moments together.


May the Blessings Be!

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