Notes of Gratitude from Couples Whose Weddings I Have Been Honored to Serve in Santa Fe, NM


I really believe that the words in the vows and ceremony carry weight and have meaning and it makes me feel good that I truly believe and can depend on everything that was said that day. - Sarah, New Mexico


We sensed your enthusiasm for making our ceremony unique and meaningful. Your words were chosen with care and hold deep significance for us. - Betsy & Dave, Texas


The ceremony was the most meaningful part for us out of the entire event and you were the most essential person of the day, because without you and your lovely words, none of the rest would have happened. It was such a joy to work with you. - Lauren & David, New York


You really brought the words to life and helped create an experience beyond what either of us had imagined. - Cathy & Bob, New Jersey


Your wonderful words stay with us as does your great smile and warmth. - Valda & John, New Mexico

Irene Swain


"We loved it all - you have a gift!" Lou & Aimee


The depth of your sincerity is evident in every aspect, and made the ceremony that much more special. - Rebecca & Alan, New Mexico


Many of the guests commented that it was a “spiritual and inspiring” wedding, and you helped to make that a reality.

 - Elizabeth & Maikael, New Mexico


We will always cherish your kind words and centering presence. - Elliot & Mary, New Mexico


Our ceremony was so touching and personal and our guests commented on how they could really relate to the sentiments you shared. - Mary Beth & David


You were incredibly helpful and professional and your vows to choose from are just beautiful! We did not feel the need to write our own; they said it all. - Blair & Scott, Texas


"You were right; the ceremony was the most memorable part of the whole wedding!" Angie

Thank you for all of the effort and care you put into making our special day spectacular. - J. & Kristi, Texas


The ceremony and vows were a beautiful blend of Idealism and Realism. Thanks for your wonderful service and your luminous presence. - Sonja & Jon, Texas


We are happy that you have chosen to share your sense of celebration with so many couples like us. Wish we could do it all again. - Rachel & John, California


Your guidance with the vows and allowing us to make our ceremony unique and special will always be treasured! - Fred & Molly, Oklahoma


 Your beautiful smile and the radiant sincerity of your words made our special day one that will forever be in our hearts. - Jo Helen & Dolly, Texas


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Irene Swain, Non-Denominational Minister/Wedding Officiant




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